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Welcome to the Rock and Roll Rest Home web site.  This site is dedicated to old frat brothers, aging hippies, homeboys, surfers and "girls that just wanna have fun!"


Rock and Roll Rest Home couple celebrate 38th Anniversary!

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     Editorial Staff at R&RRH HQ


       Typical R&RRH Adventurer
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Rock and Roll Will Stand.


You take some music, music,
Sweet flowing music,
Some movin' and a groovin'
Rock 'n' roll will stand.


You take some heart beats, drums beat,
Finger poppin' and a-stompin' feet,
Little dances that look so neat,
To see why it will stand.

Some folks don't understand it,
That's why they don't demand it,
They're out to try to ruin, 
Forget them for they don't know what their doin'...


Don't you nickname it.
You might as well claim it, 
It's swept this whole wide land, 

Rock 'n' roll will stand.




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