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Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013


"Slowhand" which one is it?

Rock and Roll Girlfriend Nadine and I caught Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival 2013 flick last night.  We got there an hour early thinking all the good seats would be taken.  Looks like Napa pretty much missed the one night showing.  Only about 30 “old folks” were there.  Remind me once again is it his picking hand or his fingering hand that is the “slow one?”  Eric Clapton still amazes me.  Lots of artists I’m familiar with and many I was not.  Gary Clark Jr. kicked my ass!  Can’t say enough.  Doyle Bramhall II was sensational.  Not only does he play left handed but I thought his strings were reversed from top to bottom?  Spent quite a bit of the evening just trying to figure that out?!  I found the rendition of Blake Mills with Derek Trucks, "Save the Last Dance for Me” especially intriguing.  Derek Trucks is genius!  John Meyer and Keith Urban kicked ass on the Beatles “Don’t Let Me Down.”  I think I teared up?!  And Midnight Rider by Greg Allman brought many memories.  Andy Fairweather Low was a super surprise!  I can’t go on it was just great!  So many great musicians.  See it y’all.

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